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DBZ Mousepad Specification:


Goku Ultra Instinct Mouse pad Specification are as follows


Material: Rubber


Style: non-slip


Size: RGB 300x600x3mm | RGB 300x700x3mm | RGB 250x350x3mm | RGB 300x800x3mm | RGB 400x900x3mm


Product Details:


The mousepad has a high level of quality. It is easy to clean, maintain and use. The image has been printed on both sides. Ultra-thin and smooth surfaces can give a good touch feeling. The product description of Goku Ultra Instinct Mousepad Cool Accessories by anime is as follows: This mouse pad has made of high-quality materials, durable enough for a long time using There are a variety of different anime figures for you to choose from, and you can find one you like from here It is an excellent present for those anime fans who love DBZ The price of this item is not so expensive, and the quality is very good. The Goku Mousepad is a product for anime fans. It is a thick mouse pad with a rubber base.


The design on the mouse pad is of Goku in his Ultra Instinct form fighting Jiren in their epic duel from the Tournament of Power. The background is the Tournament of Power arena itself. It is a thick mousepad, rubber-coated, with a non-slip rubber base. It has a great, high-quality print of Goku Ultra Instinct and Jiren, printed in vibrant colors. This dragon ball mouse pad is an excellent gift for any fan of the Dragon Ball Super series, whether they are a casual fan or a serious collector. The Kakarot Ultra Instinct Mouse pad Cool Accessories by anime was made for the fans of anime.



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Goku Ultra Instinct Mousepad Cool Accessories