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DBZ T Shirt Specification:

Super Saiyan Blue Goku T Shirt Specification are as follows

Material: Polyester Fibre

Style: Casual

Size: 110 | 120 | 130 | XXS | XS | S | M | L | XL | 2XL | 3XL | 4XL | 5XL | 6XL


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Your summer tee time is here! We've got the perfect shirt for your Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Base Vegeta persona - they become Super Saiyan Blue when Broly shows up in his own God form after Goku once more, and Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue to compete with Broly's might. This dragonball shirt is made from 100% cotton and has our favorite design with Super Saiyan Blue traders on it. So pretty and stylish! You may remember this from the popular anime series, Dragon Ball Z, where he was used to helping fight against Goku's normal state and was completely overwhelmed by Broly's might.


In our shirt, Goku is wearing his favorite Blue Goku Shirt from the anime series, which is perfect for a summer day out with friends. Plus, base Vegeta and Broly are also in the shirt, with each form of Namekian available at different times in order to give each character their own unique boost in power. Your favorite characters from Dragon Ball Super are back in summer tee and other Super Saiyan Blue clothes. The narrator in Chapter 5 of Dragon Ball Super stated Super Saiyan Blue was stronger than Super Saiyan God. So you're supposed to be strong, too? No problem, Appendix One has the perfect solution for you! There is no plot hole with Goku getting a stronger form using the power of Super Saiyan God. You just need to buy our summer tee and other SS clothes. Goku shirt is the perfect accessory for your summer Tees.


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Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Blue Goku Shirt Summer Half Sleeve Tees buy online
Super Saiyan Blue Goku Shirt Summer Tees