Dragon Ball Super Manga Arcs, Ranked


Dragon Ball Super manga, a Japanese manga series penned by Akira Toriyama and illustrated by Toyotarou, is an enthralling continuation of the beloved Dragon Ball series. The manga chronicles the Saga of Goku and his comrades as they navigate an epic battle against formidable foes from diverse universes. Dragon Ball Super manga’s spellbinding narrative, enchanting characters, and breathtaking artwork have garnered an enormous global following.

This successful franchise has spawned a plethora of adaptations, including anime series, films, and video games, cementing its position as one of the most prosperous franchises in anime history. Fans of Dragon Ball Super manga can also indulge in a vast assortment of merchandise, including collectibles, clothing, and action figures. Regardless of whether you are a long-time aficionado of the series or a first-time reader, Dragon Ball Super manga promises hours of gripping entertainment.

Dragon Ball Super manga embarks on a thrilling adventure, leading readers through a variety of story arcs. Each arc introduces a unique challenge for Goku and his allies, as they face off against formidable foes and unravel fresh enigmas. From the Battle of Gods to the Tournament of Power, Dragon Ball Super manga provides an incessant barrage of action and excitement.


Let’s dive into the top 5 most ranked story arcs of Dragon Ball Super manga:


Tournament of Power Arc


Tournament of Power Arc

Overview of the Tournament of Power Arc


The Tournament of Power Arc, a widely renowned storyline from the acclaimed Dragon Ball Super anime, broadcasted from 2017 to 2018, stands as one of the most exhilarating and action-packed arcs of the series. The narrative centers around a colossal tournament arranged by the incomparable Omni-King, ruler of the multiverse. Teams of ten preeminent warriors from disparate universes collide in a fierce competition for universal supremacy. The stakes of this epic encounter are undeniably high, for the universes vanquished will face utter annihilation while the last surviving universe will bask in ultimate glory as the indisputable victor.

The riveting event presents several of the prominent characters from the Dragon Ball Super franchise such as the renowned Goku, Vegeta, the malevolent Frieza, and the enigmatic Android 17, among others. The arc’s overarching narrative is distinguished by its intense battles, stunning plot twists, and poignant character moments. Devotees of the series have acclaimed the Tournament of Power Arc for its high-stakes plot, enthralling battles, and multi-dimensional character development. To summarize, the Tournament of Power Arc is a pivotal arc for die-hard fans of the Dragon Ball Super series and enthusiasts of anime worldwide.


Participants in the Tournament of Power


The Tournament of Power, a grand event in Dragon Ball Super, showcased numerous teams consisting of ten warriors hailing from diverse universes. These teams had to meticulously handpick their most skilled fighters for the tournament as their universe’s destiny hung in the balance. Universe 7’s primary squad was spearheaded by none other than Goku, and comprised prominent figures like Vegeta, Piccolo, Android 18, and Gohan. Frieza was also included in the team as a last-minute addition.

Among the tournament’s noteworthy contenders were Jiren, the mightiest fighter from Universe 11, Hit from Universe 6, and Kale and Caulifla, two valiant female Saiyans from Universe 6. Additionally, the competition introduced new and exciting characters, such as the Pride Troopers from Universe 11 – a group of righteous and powerful combatants. All in all, the Tournament of Power amassed a wide-ranging roster of warriors from different universes. Each possessing their own distinctive aptitudes and prowess. Fans of the series were thrilled to witness their beloved characters teaming up with fresh ones and witness the awe-inspiring duels that ensued.


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Major Events and Battles in the Tournament of Power

The Tournament of Power Arc in Dragon Ball Super entailed a series of consequential events and monumental conflicts that left avid followers at the edge of their seats. Amongst the most remarkable confrontations was the battle between Goku and Jiren, the mightiest combatant from Universe 11. These two formidable warriors engaged in a fierce, protracted clash spanning several episodes. In the end, Goku attained a new level of transformation known as Ultra Instinct. The battle attested to the colossal power wielded by both fighters, and left the audience in a state of reverential wonderment.

The return of Frieza constituted another critical incident in the tournament. Universe 7 resuscitated the ruthless antagonist to compete in the contest. Frieza’s erratic disposition and potent capabilities rendered him a daunting adversary. Furthermore, his involvement ratcheted up the pressure in the tournament. In due course, he betrayed his team and attempted to usurp control of the event. However, he was ultimately vanquished by Goku and eliminated from the tournament.

Other prominent duels featured in the Tournament of Power encompassed Vegeta pitted against Toppo, Android 17 and Frieza contending with Jiren, and Gohan engaging Kefla. The tournament also contained poignant instances, such as Android 18’s self-sacrifice to save her sibling Android 17 and the final moments of the competition, where Goku and Frieza collaborated to defeat Jiren and clinch triumph for Universe 7. Collectively, the significant events and battles in the Tournament of Power Arc conferred a thrilling and indelible experience upon devotees of the Dragon Ball Super franchise.


Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc

Overview of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc


The Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc stands as a highly regarded plotline from the Dragon Ball Super manga series, penned by Akira Toriyama and brought to life by Toyotarou’s artistry. This arc chronicles the return of the Galactic Patrol, a law enforcement agency that spans the galaxy, as they enlist the aid of Goku in their mission to apprehend Moro, a villain whose menace knows no bounds. Moro, an ancient sorcerer who has been incarcerated for aeons, has successfully fled his confines and is currently wreaking havoc throughout the cosmos.

This storyline is notable for its unflinching focus on the Galactic Patrol and their skirmishes against Moro and his underlings. The narrative introduces fresh faces, such as Merus, a Galactic Patrol member who assists Goku in his conflict with Moro, and Jaco, a Dragon Ball series veteran who also serves in the Galactic Patrol. Fans of the Dragon Ball Super manga series and enthusiasts of adrenaline-pumping adventure tales alike have lauded the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc for its absorbing storyline, fully-realized characters, and epic engagements. It is a must-read for all who yearn for an engrossing escapade.


Villains and New Characters Introduced in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc


The Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc ushers in numerous fresh foes and personalities into the Dragon Ball Super domain. The arc’s chief antagonist is Moro, an archaic mage possessing the capability of absorbing planetary and living creatures’ vitality. Moro stands as a potent adversary who imperils the whole universe. He’s flanked by a group of formidable underlings, including Saganbo, a hulking and robust combatant, and Shimorekka, a diminutive yet wily fighter who wields telekinesis.

Moreover, the arc introduces novel characters such as Merus, a Galactic Patrol member who aids Goku in his fight against Moro. Merus is a skilled warrior with an enigmatic past, and his aptitudes render him an invaluable asset in the battle against Moro. Another newcomer is Jaco, a long-standing ally of the Dragon Ball series, who also serves as a Galactic Patrol member. Jaco is a comedic personality, injecting levity into the otherwise severe and action-packed storyline. The inclusion of new individuals and antagonists in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc enhances the Dragon Ball Super universe’s intricacy and profundity, garnering praise from the series’ fanbase.


Major Events and Battles in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc


The Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc is composed of a multitude of significant events and battles that carry tremendous weight within the overall storyline. Among the most prominent confrontations in the arc, the clash between Goku and Moro, the principal antagonist, stands out. Goku puts forth every ounce of his power and strength in an effort to defeat Moro, yet he finds himself outmatched by the sorcerer’s formidable abilities. This conflict serves as a striking example of the raw might possessed by both combatants and lays the foundation for forthcoming battles.

The unmasking of Merus’ true identity is another pivotal event in the arc. Merus is ultimately revealed to be an angel, an exalted being with a divine nature, who is strictly prohibited from interfering in mortal affairs. This revelation injects a fresh layer of complexity into the already intricate narrative, raising a litany of queries concerning the role of angels in the Dragon Ball Super cosmos. Furthermore, the ultimate showdown between Moro and Goku and Vegeta represents a standout moment within the arc. The two warriors join forces to bring down Moro once and for all, though they must surmount countless daunting obstacles to secure victory. This battle brilliantly showcases the collaborative spirit and resolute determination of Goku and Vegeta and delivers a wholly satisfying conclusion to the arc.

The Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc contains several other remarkable events, including the reappearance of the Grand Supreme Kai, the disclosure of Moro’s true form, and the introduction of novel techniques and capabilities for Goku and Vegeta. The arc brims with heart-pounding moments and jaw-dropping plot twists that keep readers perpetually riveted. Overall, the principal battles and events found within the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc render it an absolute must-read for avid followers of the Dragon Ball Super manga series.


Universe Survival Arc

Universe Survival Arc

Overview of the Universe Survival Arc


The narrative of the Universe Survival Arc in Dragon Ball Super anime has garnered significant popularity. This arc revolves around the omnipotent Omni-King, who decides to orchestrate a tournament of power featuring eight universes. The universe that emerges victorious will be spared from being annihilated, while the others will face oblivion. This storyline introduces a plethora of new characters and fighters, along with challenges and impediments that Goku and his comrades must overcome.

The Universe Survival Arc is renowned for its grandiose battles and elevated stakes. This tournament is a colossal spectacle that involves combatants from diverse universes, competing in a relentless and grueling battle for survival. The narrative is punctuated by moments of heightened intensity, drama, and apprehension, as the destiny of entire universes is precariously balanced. In conclusion, the Universe Survival Arc is an absolute must-see for aficionados of the Dragon Ball Super anime series, as it showcases the entire range of the franchise’s signature action and adventure.


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The Teams and Fighters of the Universe Survival Arc


The Universe Survival Arc showcases the aptitudes and techniques of teams and fighters from eight distinct universes, each with their own unique abilities and fighting styles. Universe 7, the birthplace of Goku and his companions, is represented by a contingent of ten fighters, including the esteemed warriors Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo. Universe 7‘s other noteworthy fighters include Android 17, a potent combatant with extraordinary vigor and swiftness, and Gohan, a proficient fighter with remarkable potential.

The other universes also boast formidable and adroit fighters. Universe 6, for instance, is represented by a cohort that encompasses Cabba, a Saiyan warrior who can metamorphose into a Super Saiyan, and Hit, an assassin who possesses the ability to manipulate time. Universe 11’s Jiren is another noteworthy fighter, considered one of the strongest in the tournament, while Universe 6’s Kale possesses incredible strength and the ability to transform into a berserker form.

The teams and fighters of the Universe Survival Arc add intricacy and heterogeneity to the plotline, presenting a broad range of combat styles and abilities. The battles between the different teams are fierce and action-packed, with each fighter testing their limits to ensure their survival. Overall, the teams and fighters of the Universe Survival Arc are a pivotal highlight of the narrative and a requisite viewing for aficionados of the Dragon Ball Super anime series.


Major Events and Battles in the Universe Survival Arc


The Universe Survival Arc is renowned for its gripping battles and pivotal moments, capturing the rapt attention of its audience. Among these clashes, a standout duel is the intense showdown. Between Goku and Jiren, a valiant member of Universe 11 and one of the tournament’s most formidable warriors. This epic encounter is fraught with high-stakes action. As Goku strives to transcend his own limits in order to contend with Jiren’s immense power. In this battle, Goku’s full range of abilities and unflagging. Tenacity is on vivid display, making for a truly thrilling spectacle.

Another climactic event in the Universe Survival Arc is the shocking revelation of Frieza’s true intentions. Initially resurrected to bolster Universe 7’s ranks, Frieza appears to be a helpful and cooperative ally. However, it soon transpires that he has been secretly scheming against his comrades. Plotting to usurp their authority and seize control of the cosmos. This stunning twist adds a fresh layer of tension and intrigue to the story. As Universe 7‘s other members are forced to band together in order to foil. Frieza’s treacherous plans and safeguard the universe.

In addition to these headline-grabbing moments. The Universe Survival Arc also features a host of other notable occurrences. Such as the introduction of new techniques and transformations for Goku and Vegeta. The arrival of the Grand Priest and the other divine angels. And the grand finale between Universe 7 and Universe 11. From start to finish, the arc brims with pulse-pounding battles and unforeseen plot twists. Rendering it an essential watch for any aficionado of the Dragon Ball Super anime series.


Future Trunks Arc

Most Future Trunks Arc

Overview of the Future Trunks Arc


The saga of Future Trunks serves as a major narrative arc within the Dragon Ball Super anime. Chronicling the return of Trunks from a divergent timeline. In said timeline. The planet suffers under the malice of the nefarious Goku Black and his confederate. The Kaioshin Zamasu, having successfully eradicated the vast majority of the world’s valiant protectors. Trunks is coerced into journeying back in time to appeal for assistance from Goku and his comrades. In a bid to thwart the heinous plot of Black and Zamasu, which entails annihilating all sentient life in existence.

The Future Trunks Arc distinguishes itself via its gloomy and emotionally charged plot. Wherein the survival of myriad timelines hangs in the balance. The arc also encompasses the induction of numerous fresh characters and transformations. Such as the inaugural introduction of Goku Black, a villainous version of Goku from an alternate timeline. And the Super Saiyan Rosé transformation. Which is exclusive to Black. Devotees of the Dragon Ball Super anime will unequivocally. Find the arc a compulsory viewing, as it showcases the full spectrum of the series’ excitement, tragedy, and profundity.


New Villains and Characters Introduced in the Future Trunks Arc


The forthcoming installment of Dragon Ball Super, known as the Future Trunks Arc. Incorporates a multitude of fresh adversaries and characters. Thus enrichin the intricacy and profundity of the story. The leading malefactor of this arc is known as Goku Black, a malignant version of Goku. Who hails from an alternate timeline and who has adopted a warped sense of justice. Vowing to eliminate every mortal being in existence. Goku Black’s henchman is the Kaioshin Zamasu. Who shares his contempt for mortals and who intends to establish a novel order that excludes them. Collectively, they pose an overwhelming menace to the future timeline of Trunks. And prove to be a formidable challenge for Goku and his cohorts in the present timeline.

In addition to these freshly introduced antagonists, the Future Trunks Arc also introduces. A number of innovative characters who play pivotal roles in the story. Among them is Future Mai, the leader of the resistance against Goku Black and Zamasu in Trunks’ timeline. And Future Zeno, the supreme ruler of all universes who has the power to eradicate entire timelines. These characters possess distinctive perspectives and abilities. And they serve to enrich the overall mythology of the Dragon Ball Super universe. Fans of the series will undoubtedly be engrossed in these newly introduced characters and their individual fates.


Key Events and Battles in the Future Trunks Arc


The Future Trunks Arc contains significant happenings and confrontations that have a profound. Impact on the universe of Dragon Ball Super. Among these events is the shocking reveal of the genuine identity of Goku Black. Which raises the stakes of the story to a higher degree. Another critical happening is the emergence of the Omni-King. The most dominant entity in the multiverse, capable of eliminating entire timelines. This event introduces a new level of hazard to the plot since the actions of Goku Black and Zamasu may have catastrophic implications for all of existence.

Concerning the battles, the Future Trunks Arc showcases some of the most intense and unforgettable. Clashes in the entire Dragon Ball Super series. The culminating clash between Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks against. Goku Black and Zamasu is a remarkable moment, as the heroes confront seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Additionally, this confrontation introduces the Super Saiyan Rosé metamorphosis. A one-of-a-kind and potent form that only Goku Black can assume. Fans of the series must watch the Future Trunks Arc since it contains some of the most thrilling and crucial moments in the Dragon Ball Super storyline.

Broly Arc

Broly Best Arc

Introduction of Broly as a Canon Character


The advent of the Broly Arc in Dragon Ball Super has granted fans. Wishes to have him as a canon character, sparking their excitement. This arc depicts Broly’s portrayal with a new backstory and motivation, turning him into a more intricate and fascinating character. Instead of being a mindless and savage creature. The creators depict Broly with a tragic past that elucidates. His immense power and his thirst for retribution against Goku and Vegeta.

The incorporation of Broly as a canon character is crucial. As it unlocks new potential for the Dragon Ball Super universe. As a character with a distinctive and fascinating backstory. Broly holds the potential to emerge as a significant player in future storylines and battles. Furthermore, his presence enriches the series’ overall mythology. As fans can now speculate on how he fits into the broader Dragon Ball universe. The introduction of Broly in the Dragon Ball Super canon is a much-needed addition that has reinvigorated the series.


Broly’s Origins and Motivations


In the Broly Arc, the focus is on the origins and intentions of Broly. The arc reveals that Broly, a Saiyan who was exiled to a faraway planet, has a backstory that is explored more thoroughly than in previous versions. As a baby because of his extraordinary strength. He grows up in solitude on this planet and develops an intense hatred for Goku and Vegeta. Whom he blames for his banishment and the suffering he endures as a consequence.

Broly’s motivations come under further scrutiny throughout the arc as the wicked Frieza manipulates him into fighting Goku and Vegeta. As the conflict progresses, Broly begins to realize that his true enemy is not Goku or Vegeta. But rather those who have taken advantage of him throughout his life. This realization leads to a formidable character progression for Broly. As he learns to relinquish his anger and animosity and to embrace his power for the first time. All in all, Broly’s origins and intentions are a fundamental component of the Broly Arc’s intriguing and captivating narrative.


The Battle Against Broly and Its Consequences


The clash between Broly and the mighty Goku and Vegeta stands out as one of the most remarkable and intense battles in the Dragon Ball Super saga. The unparalleled strength of Broly puts the duo’s fighting abilities to the ultimate test and forces. Them to work in ways they have never done before. The battle is brimming with breathtaking action sequences and visually arresting moments. Making it a standout feature in the Broly Arc and the entire series.

However, this monumental battle against Broly is not without consequences. Broly is marooned on a remote planet with no means of returning to Earth in the aftermath, while Frieza’s survival is revealed and he is nursing his grudges against Goku and Vegeta, plotting his revenge. These intricate plot threads set the stage for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super. Universe’s storylines and leave the fans yearning for what comes next for their beloved characters. The battle against Broly represents a significant turning point in the Dragon Ball Super series and has laid the groundwork for thrilling and captivating new developments in the future.







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