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DBZ Printing Specification:

DBZ Characters Eyes Canvas Specification are as follows

Material: Canvas

Style: Canvas Printings

Size: 15x20cm Unframed | 20X30cm Unframed | 30X40cm Unframed | 30X45cm Unframed | 40X50cm Unframed | 40X60cm Unframed | 50X70cm Unframed | 50X75cm Unframed | 60X80cm Unframed | 60X90cm Unframed | 70X100cm Unframed


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The DBZ All Characters Eyes Canvas Poster is the perfect gift idea for any DBZ fan or simply just a gift to yourself. This gorgeous piece of wall art features all the character's eyes from all the dragon ball z characters printed in a picture and framed in a DBz canvas for you to enjoy for years to come.


This piece is a must-have for any DBZ fan and would look great in any bedroom or office with its vibrant colors. This product is perfect for any DBZ  fan and would make the perfect gift for any occasion. The largest and most widely recognized anime in the world is Dragon Ball Z. The series is based on the adventures of Goku, a legendary warrior.


The series takes place after Goku sacrificed his own life in order to defeat the evil tyrant Freeza. A century later, the Earth is at peace, but all of this goes up in flames when a new threat shows up. The characters of the series have become so popular that a lot of fans want their own posters and prints. So here is a collection of cool posters and prints of your beloved characters.


Whether you are a fan of Goku eyes, Vegeta, or any other member of the Z-fighters, you can find all of them here. This is a collection of the coolest and most popular posters and prints for your favorite characters. The anime posters are for sale. Just buy one of these anime. You can frame this poster and make it a wall decoration. The poster is made of archival-quality materials. The colors won't fade with time.


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DBZ Characters Eyes Canvas Poster Anime