DBZ Son Goku Spirit Bomb Action Figures


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DBZ Figure Specification:

Son Goku Spirit Bomb Figures Specification are as follows

Material: PVC

Style: Figure

Size: 20cm

Product Details:

Dragon Ball Z action figures are the perfect way to show your friends and family your intensity in the most fun way possible. With Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku. He is able to transform into his ultimate form, the Macedon Son Goku Super Saiyan. Perfect for children who want to show off their expertise in fighting skills. This Dragon Ball Z figure comes with two Burst rallies which will allow him to Class up with other characters from the anime.


Get your hands on the Mastered Ultra Instinct today! The Son Goku Super Saiyan Figure will convert any Saiyan into a powerful user of the Quick-Barreled Style that he or she has become famous from. This figure has been designed with the Mvance Z players in mind. With a more powerful and more articulated body that will make sure your characters are at their best during your games.


The perfect addition to any collection, our DBZ Action Figures has everything you need to become the best you can be. With a stylish and cool design, this action figure has been built with in-house manufacturing. An over-sized body that will leave your friends and family excited for years of use. He includes a spirit crystal and super Saiyan power! Get your hands on the DBZ Son Goku Spirit Bomb Figures while they're still available! This second in the Goku's Ultimates figure line is a towering figure with his own of the new power level that comes with being a Super Saiyan. With his own purple and black visually stunning form-hardened body and head. He's everything and more. He comes with unload of features, from his own "Son Goku" hometown doll head to a Z-Frogleta form-hardener.



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DBZ Son Goku Spirit Bomb Action Figures