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DBZ Hoodie Specification:

Dragon Ball Goku Hoodies Specification are as follows

Material: Cotton

Style: Casual

Size: 100 | 110 | 120 | 130 | 140 | 150 | 160 | XS | S | M | L | XL | XXL | 3XL


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This Dragon Ball Goku hoodie has made from 3D Printed materials and has made to fit a unisex size. It has Goku first appears in Dragon Ball as a monkey-tailed child adopted by the hermit martial artist Gohan. He accidentally and unknowingly Our Goku casual unisex hoodie made from 3D Printed materials and features a unique Goku crème hoodie style. Made from 100% purple Dragon BallZ hair color. This hoodie will make you feel like the mightiest man on the planet! With a large hoodie size and a comfortable fit, we know that you'll the first person to see Saiyan Hoodies in your rearview. These Goku hoodies have 3D printed casual unisex clothes designed with gohan in pose from the popular anime and manga. He's currently in a training program to become a powerful Saiyan, and will eventually rule the universe.


If you're looking for something fun and activity-ocative, check out our Dragon Ball Goku Hoodies! With the perfect up-to-the-minute release of our 3D Printed Goku Hoodies. You'll be the last thing on Son Goku's mind as he's all about his favorite game, Dragon Ball. Made from high quality Yanukovch fabric with a scanned image of Kakarot, this shirt is available in unisex casual and will only available through our MASSES store. Go to figure out how to purchase it! With the latest addition of a 3D printed Kakarot Hoodie, our casual unisex Dragon Ball Goku hoodie has made from better-quality materials and gets the Kakarot name. Best part: It's easy to follow the franchise with this one! Add the Kakarot Hoodie to your wardrobe and enjoy theuple attention that Dragon Ball Z has to offer.


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Dragon Ball Goku Hoodies 3D Printed Casual Unisex buy online
Dragon Ball Goku Hoodies 3D Printed Unisex