Dragon Ball Super Beerus Anime Action Figure


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DBZ Figure Specification:

Dragon Ball Super Beerus Figure Specification are as follows

Material: PVC

Style: Figure

Size: 14 cm


Product Details:

This Dragon Ball Super Beerus Anime Action Figure has made of polypropylene and comes with curved arms and soft Grey seat cushion. Finally, you can use your favorite character from the anime in the perfect way. Get your hands on the Super Saiyan God himself, as this anime-inspired Beerus Figure is eventually defeated by the God of Destruction. With ultimate power and reach, this action figure is something completely different from every character we've ever seen. This Dragon Ball z figures is an all-new, entire-figure product. This character is perfect for any Collector of the Dragon Ball series.


With their personalities completely focused on their super friends, these anime-quality Beerus figures from Dragon Ball Super are the perfect addition to any collection. Krillin is the only one who really knows how to be conventional and nice, while other characters such as Goku just don't quite fit that role. Friendship is what they make it. That's what I'm thinking when I say considering their personalities, they're friends. Only Krillin is any conventional friend to any of them and that's just to Goku. When viewed from the perspective of a Saiyan or God of Destruction, they're what amounts to as friends. for Krillin. We can see how that might sound like fun when we hear about DB Super Anime Action Figure, the new anime product from the company. Visit our store for more related figures products.


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Dragon Ball Super Beerus Anime Action Figure