Dragon Ball Z Android 17 Action Figure


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DBZ Figure Specification:

Dragon Ball Z Android 17 Action Figure Specification are as follows

Material: PVC

Style: Figure Model

Size: about 24 cm


Product Detail:.

The Dragon Ball Z Android 17 action figure is an incredibly detailed and highly collectible toy inspired by the popular anime and manga series, Dragon Ball Z. Android 17 is one of the key characters in the series, known for his impressive strength and agility.


The action figure depicts Android 17 in his iconic outfit, featuring a sleek black jacket with a high collar, a red scarf, and black pants. The sculpting and paintwork on the figure are meticulous, capturing the character's distinct facial features, spiky black hair, and intense expression.


Standing at approximately about 24CM tall, the Android 17 action figure  made of high-quality PVC material, ensuring durability and a solid feel. It boasts multiple points of articulation, allowing for a wide range of dynamic poses and action-packed displays.


To enhance the figure's playability, it comes with various interchangeable accessories. These include multiple pairs of hands with different gestures, such as fists, open palms, or martial arts poses. Additionally, Android 17's signature weapon, the Power Blitz. Is also included, allowing fans to recreate iconic battle scenes from the series.


Whether you're a dedicated Dragon Ball Z collector or simply a fan of the series. The Android 17 action figure is a must-have item. Its attention to detail, possibility, and inclusion of interchangeable accessories. Make it a fantastic addition to any Dragon Ball Z collection or a centerpiece for display.


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Dragon Ball Z Android 17 Action Figure
Dragon Ball Z Android 17 Action Figure