Dragon Ball Z Kid Goku Bicycle Figure


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DBZ Figure Specification:


Dragon Ball Z Son Goku figure Specification are as follows:


Material: PVC


Style: Figure Model


Size:  15CM


Product Details:


Introducing the Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Figure: Unleash the Power of the Legendary Saiyan. Transform your collection into an extraordinary battlefield with the awe-inspiring Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Figure. Crafted with unparalleled attention to detail, this figurine brings the iconic protagonist, Goku, to life in stunning form and dynamic action.


This Son Goku figure captures every essence of the Saiyan warrior, from his signature orange gi to his determined facial expression. Each muscle and vein is intricately sculpted, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship behind this collectible.


Goku's heroic spirit is embodied in his powerful stances. With multiple interchangeable parts, you can customize his pose to recreate epic battle scenes from the Dragon Ball Z series, making it a must-have for true fans.


Made from premium PVC material, this figure is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability. It's the perfect centerpiece for your display shelf or desk.


A dynamic aura effect surrounds Goku, highlighting his intense energy and amplifying the figure's lifelike appearance. It adds an eye-catching element that will instantly draw attention.


The Son Goku toy comes in a specially designed collector's edition packaging, keeping it safe and secure during shipping and enhancing its value as a rare collector's item.


Why Choose Son Goku Figure? Embrace the ultimate fusion of art and fandom with this Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Figure. Whether you're a devoted Dragon Ball enthusiast or a casual anime fan, this figure will take your admiration for Goku and his remarkable adventures to new heights.



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Dragon Ball Z Kid Goku Bicycle Figure
Dragon Ball Z Kid Goku Bicycle Figure