Goku Super Saiyan Ultra Instinct Towel Bath


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DBZ Towel Specification:

Goku Ultra Instinct Towel Specification are as follows

Material: Towel Cloth/ Velvet

Style: Bath Towel

Size: Towel Cloth 75x150cm | Velvet 80x160cm


Product Details:

Introducing the ultimate bath towel for all Goku fans out there - the Goku Super Saiyan Bath Towel! Made with top-quality materials, this towel is soft, durable, and absorbent, making it the perfect addition to your bathroom.


With a cool design featuring Goku in his iconic Super Saiyan Ultra Instinct form, this Goku towel will surely catch the eye of any Dragon Ball fan. It's generously sized to wrap around your body comfortably, and it's easy to care for, so you can use it over and over again.


Whether you're drying off after a long shower or just need something to wrap yourself up in while lounging around the house, the Dragon ball Bath Towel is a perfect choice. It's a must-have for any Dragon Ball fan who wants to show off their love for Goku and his epic transformations.


Get yours today and take your love for Goku to the next level!


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Goku Super Saiyan Ultra Instinct Towel Bath