Kid Goku Super Mousepad DBZ RGB


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DBZ Mousepad Specification:

Kid Goku Super Mousepad Specification are as follows

Material: Rubber

Style: LED RGB

Size: 350x600x3mm | 300x800x3mm | 300x700x3mm | 300x600x3mm | 300x350x3mm | 250x350x3mm | 300x900x3mm | 350x900x3mm | 400x900x3mm


Product Details:

This is a dbz mousepad of the anime character Goku. Goku is the main character of the anime Dragon Ball Z. The mousepad can be used to bring a bit of anime into your office or as a home decoration. Kid Goku Super Mousepad has a mousepad made of high-quality cloth. It is a great gift for dragon ball z fans. The red light effect has guaranteed to attract the attention of your friends.


The item is fully washable, so you can enjoy it for a long time. Goku is the main character, hero, and founder of an achievement that all DBZ fighters aim to achieve. Goku is a noble, honest, and hardworking man who loves his family and friends. He has often seen as naive and simple-minded, but this is just a facade, as he has the heart of a warrior.


Goku is one of the strongest warriors in the universe. He possesses an innate fighting ability and is an extremely powerful Ki user. He has trained under the legendary Master Roshi and he will continue to strive to become stronger throughout his life. This is a mouse pad that you can use with your desktop computer. This Kid Goku Super Mousepad has designed in the shape of the character Kid Goku from the anime Dragon Ball Z. The mouse pad has a soft rubber base, so it will not move around when you use it.



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Kid Goku Super Mousepad DBZ RGB