Son Goku 3D Lamp Dragon Color Changing DBZ


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DBZ Lamp Specification:


Son Goku 3D Lamp Specification are as follows


Material: Acrylic + PVC


Style: LED lamp


Size: As shown


Product Details:

This 3D Son Goku Dragon lamp is a great gift for every Dragon Ball Z fan. The lamp is made of PPP, ABS, and PVC, which makes it durable and safe to use. The product's light weight makes it easy to carry, so you can easily take it with you on a trip or set it up in your home or office. The lamp is powered by a USB cable, so you do not have to worry about looking for an electrical outlet. This product is perfect for any Dragon Ball Z fan and would make a great gift. The light turns on when you touch the dragon's tail. This is the last one! The legendary Son Goku will now adorn your room in a brand new light! The red, blue, and yellow colors on the dragon ball will make it look as if it's glowing.


This great-looking space dragon ball will look perfect in any room. The 3D lamp is ceramic, and features a LED light. The best part? You can bend it any way you like! The DBZ Son Goku Dragon 3D Color Changing Lamp is a great way to decorate your home while enjoying the power of an invincible fighter. The Dragon ball lamp has made of high-quality material, so you can expect long-lasting service. The lamp features a cute design that will appeal to all the fans of anime, especially those who are very fond of the Son Goku figure. The lamp will be a great addition to any fan collection or your home decoration in general. This lamp is also a great gift idea.



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Son Goku 3D Lamp Dragon Color Changing DBZ