Son Goku 3D Night Lamps Lights Figma DBZ


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 DBZ Lamp Specification:

Son Goku 3D Night Lamps Specification are as follows

Material: Acrylic + PVC

Style: LED lamp

Size: As shown


Product Details:

The Son Goku 3D Night Lamp is a luminary adorned with the likeness of the Dragon Ball Z character. The designer designed the item specifically for you to use as a decorative element in your bedroom, and it consists of plastic materials. The DBZ Lampara Figma is an exceptional addition to any Dragon Ball Z Son Goku 3D enthusiast's collection. It serves as a coveted item that is both aesthetic and functional. This is an excellent means of admiring the esteemed character Son Goku in his Super Saiyan form as you drift into a deep slumber.


The Son Goku 3D Night Lamps are purchasable in two distinct renditions: one features the likeness of the series' protagonist,  while the other depicts his arch-nemesis, Vegeta. These devices enable children to slumber soundly while basking in the resplendent radiance exuded by the lamps. The article boasts of having extensive longevity, but if the lamp appears dim or begins to flicker, you can easily substitute it with the Son Goku 3D Night bulb. The Lamps consist of non-toxic substances and do not release any noxious compounds. The company will designate a fraction of the acquisition fee to the DBZ Lampara Figma charitable fund.



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Son Goku 3D Night Lamps Lights Figma DBZ
Son Goku 3D Night Lamps Lights Figma DBZ