Bulma: The Genius Mind Behind the Dragon Ball Icon

Dragon ball z character Bulma

Introduction Bulma, a pivotal character in the Dragon Ball franchise, stands out as a brilliant scientist, a loyal companion, and a captivating personality that has captivated audiences for decades. Her journey alongside Goku, a naive but powerful martial artist, sets the stage for their adventures in search of the mythical Dragon Balls. Discover the multifaceted … Read more

The Vegeta and Bulma Love Story in Dragon Ball Z

vegeta and bulma loves

How Bulma and Vegeta First Met On Planet Namek, Bulma and Vegeta crossed paths for the first time. Vegeta had arrived there with the intention of locating the Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, Bulma was already on Namek, actively searching for the mystical orbs herself. While hiding in a cave, Bulma witnessed Vegeta following Krillin, who also … Read more