Dragon Ball Super: Granolah



Granolah, created by Toyotarou with Akira Toriyama’s approval, has a design inspired by breakfast food. He has light skin, wavy green hair, one dark green eye and one red eye. His outfit includes a buckled leather eyepatch, a green coat with yellow buttons, a gray scarf, a dual-buckled belt, and dark yellowish-green gloves and boots. Dragon Ball Fan loves dragon ball z clothing.


Granolah is a serious and ambitious individual who cares deeply for his people. He is haunted by the memory of the Frieza Force and Saiyans destroying his city, which fuels his desire for revenge. He lives on a mountaintop to remind himself of the destruction caused by the Saiyans and Frieza.


Initially, Granolah considers giving up his quest for revenge after learning about Frieza’s death and the destruction of Planet Vegeta. However, news of Frieza’s resurrection reignites his determination. He becomes impatient and irrational in his pursuit, disregarding reason and being unwilling to listen to Goku and Vegeta’s explanations.


Despite Vegeta’s revelation about Frieza’s role in the destruction of the Saiyans, Granolah remains focused on his vengeance against all Saiyans. He even fights Vegeta with the intention of destroying the ruins of his people’s homes. However, he is surprised to discover that a Saiyan spared him.


Ironically, Granolah underestimates his opponents, similar to Frieza. He fails to train and control his powers effectively, leaving him unprepared for Vegeta’s strength. He becomes arrogant and self-assured, no longer relying on his companion Oatmeel.


During his battle with Vegeta, Granolah’s behavior is pointed out as hypocritical, and he loses his temper, willing to sacrifice himself to kill Vegeta. However, he still retains his humanity, sparing innocent civilians and recalling his past when witnessing their fear.


When Granolah learns that The Heeters were responsible for his mother’s death, he shifts his vendetta towards Goku and Vegeta. Ultimately, after fighting Gas, he gives up on his revenge, presumably understanding its costs.


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Decades ago, Granolah lived on Cereal with his people, the Cerealians, and a tribe of Namekians. The Frieza Force and Saiyan Army attacked and conquered their homeworld, causing widespread destruction. Granolah and his mother hid in an abandoned building but were discovered by a scar-faced Great Ape, causing Granolah to faint. The Cerealians destroyed their moon, reverting the Great Apes back to normal, but the Saiyans remained a threat.


Bardock, a Saiyan who had also transformed and reverted, encountered Granolah and his mother. Muezli shot at Bardock in fear, but Bardock decided to search for survivors and told his comrade Leek to leave without him. Bardock detected two surviving Cerealians and brought them to the only remaining Namekian, Monaito. They decided to hide from Frieza’s impending arrival.


Granolah woke up and screamed upon seeing Bardock, alerting the Heeters, a group planning to deceive the Sugarians and overthrow Frieza. Monaito used his power to knock out Granolah, and Bardock pretended to attack the survivors. The Heeters ordered Bardock to kill Granolah and Monaito, but Bardock managed to escape with them using a smoke distraction.


Monaito concealed the truth about Muezli’s death and their encounter with the Heeters from Granolah. Granolah grew up haunted by nightmares and developed a strong desire for revenge against Frieza and the Saiyans. He became a bounty hunter and eventually joined the Heeters, unaware that they were working with the Frieza Force to rebuild Cereal for profit.


Dragon Ball Super Chahracter

Granolah’s recent mission is to capture Goichi’s OG Soldier, OG73i, for Heeters leader Elec’s intel purposes. With Oatmeel’s assistance, Granolah tracks down Goichi’s ship in a distant part of the universe. As he boards the ship, Oatmeel warns Granolah about potential enemies on board. Granolah understands and asks Oatmeel to be ready to support him. Granolah easily defeats the guards sent by Goichi using his Stun Gun and proceeds further into the ship.


Desperate, Goichi activates all his OG Soldiers, who possess similar abilities to OG73i. Granolah asks Oatmeel to scan and identify their target OG unit. Oatmeel informs Granolah that none of the approaching OG Soldiers are the target, so Granolah defeats them by attacking the crystals in their heads with Finger Beams. In a room full of OG Soldiers, Oatmeel reveals that Seven-Three is the OG Soldier inside a Medical Machine at the center. Granolah takes Seven-Three and inflicts significant damage to Goichi’s ship, preventing pursuit.


Later, Granolah wakes up from a nightmare of his race’s destruction. He checks on Seven-Three and asks about being followed, feeling worried. Oatmeel assures him that they are safe and that Goichi and his followers couldn’t follow due to the ship’s destruction. Oatmeel suggests Granolah go into cold sleep for the journey to the Heeter’s Base, but he refuses, claiming to be fully awake. The Oatmeel asks if Granolah still hates the Frieza Force, to which Granolah confirms. Oatmeel explains that Frieza died years ago, and the remaining forces are a mere shadow of their former selves, urging Granolah to move on. Granolah desires to do so, but he cannot escape the nightmares, as he believes that Frieza’s forces annihilated his fellow Cerealians, unaware that Frieza fabricated this lie. Despite losing his targets for revenge, Granolah’s nightmares haunt him.


Granolah comes at the Heeter’s fortress after a long trek, taking Seven-Three along with him. When another bounty hunter, Soshiru, sees Granolah, he approaches him. The Cerealian, on the other hand, ignores him. Soshiru recognises Seven-Three as the artificial person Elec seeks and inquires about Granolah’s capture. The opportunistic bounty hunter offers they stage a combined capture and divide the prize, citing his last target’s lack of profit. While presenting this suggestion, he enthusiastically analyses the android. Granolah becomes enraged and threatens Soshiru’s head, warning him to keep his hands off Seven-Three or else he’ll offer Soshiru’s head as money to Elec. Soshiru quickly answers, stating he was only joking, and Granolah enters the stronghold.


Granolah delivers Seven-Three to the Heeters within Elec’s royal room. Elec requests that Oil authenticate the captive’s identification, and after scrutinising him, Oil verifies that it is indeed Seven-Three. Elec congratulates Granolah, but the Cerealian wants payment. Macki hands Granolah a sack containing their money. Granolah then asks Elec if he plans to build an army with Seven-Three, as Goichi did. Elec chuckles and states that they don’t need armies since the Heeters prefer to recruit the best troops money can buy if they need more forces.


The Elec believes that with enough riches, one can achieve everything, and Granolah agrees. Elec claims that money and intelligence hold genuine power, emphasizing that the one with the most information rules the cosmos. He emphasises that Seven-Three includes useful information. Granolah is just concerned with the prize and inquires about another task. Elec states that they are presently unemployed due to the changes in the cosmos caused by Frieza’s reappearance.


Granolah, taken aback, asks Frieza’s possible return, but Elec seems unaware about the specifics. Elec states that the return of the Frieza Force is bad for business because it instills anxiety in individuals and reduces their willingness to engage in trade. Granolah overjoyedly sees this as an opportunity to pursue vengeance for his people, and he eagerly wants to know where Frieza is so he can murder the dictator. Elec tells him not to worry since Frieza has returned stronger than ever.


Gas stops Granolah as he approaches Elec’s throne. Elec recognises Granolah’s fiery personality and appreciates his vendetta against the Frieza Force, but believes that vengeance takes meticulous planning and patience. Because the Frieza Force is their mutual adversary, The Elec tells Granolah to wait until they are ready to aid him. Granolah reluctantly agrees, and Elec tells Gas to free him. Elec tells Granolah to return home and find serenity as he collects his money. Before departing, Granolah asks that they notify him of any future employment prospects.


Granolah is enraged and vows to revenge Frieza’s deeds. Oatmeel tells him to maintain his cool and enjoy his money. The Heeters, unbeknownst to Granolah, are afraid of his rising authority and want to have Frieza destroy him.


Oatmeel advises Granolah to relax as they set sail towards Cereal, a two-day trek. Granolah is startled when he hears a loud commotion and finds Soshiru and his gang, who aim to steal his reward. Dragon Ball Super Granolah escapes his pursuers by landing on an asteroid, but they follow him down and investigate his ship. The Granolah uses his eyepatch as a speaker to entice the gang to the cockpit, where he stuns most of Soshiru’s comrades with his sniper abilities and stun rifle. Soshiru is astounded that Granolah can shoot without goggles, and Oatmeel explains that Granolah’s right eye, which is unique to Cerealians, is ideal for sniping, outperforming others.


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Granolah returns to his spacecraft and replaces his eyepatch. Oatmeel compliments his sniper abilities, but Granolah shyly ignores the comment. He reveals that he did not succeed in eliminating one of Soshiru’s henchmen. Granolah recognises his own limits, seeing that he must outperform everyone in authority in order to avenge the Cerealian race against Frieza.


Granolah comes on Cereal and docks in a Sugarian city. The Sugarians welcome him back and he requests that they mend the wing of his spacecraft. He informs them that he will be out of work for a long, so they can take their time. He then goes shopping for food and water for himself and Monaito. The cashier inquiries about Monaito and why he no longer visits the city. Granolah adds that his leg is bothering him due to his senior age. The cashier inquires as to why they live alone in the mountains, but Granolah responds that their city would be unsuitable for them. He takes his lunch and waves goodbye to the cashier. The cashier provides him with a complimentary bottle of water. Granolah agrees, and the cashier instructs him to say hello to Monaito.


Granolah and Oatmeel stroll across the mountains on their way home. Oatmeel wonders why Granolah doesn’t reside in the city with the Sugarians. Granolah reveals that the city was created by the Heeters for the Sugarians, not for him. Oatmeel is perplexed. He assumed the planet was originally inhabited by Cerealians. Granolah tells that the Frieza Force decimated the earth forty years ago. The Heeters arrived and reconstructed the world, and the Sugarians, who had lost their home planet, paid the Heeters to settle on Cereal. To escape confrontation with the Sugarians, Granolah and Monaito opted to live in the highlands. Granolah also claims that from the top of the mountain, he can see the ruins of his hometown, and he lives here to constantly remind himself of what the Saiyans did to his planet.


When Granolah gets home, he offers Monaito some water. Monaito praises him for his kindness. Granolah informs Monaito that their shopmate said hello and offered him an extra bottle of water. Monaito says he hasn’t gone to the city in a long, but the Sugarians are quite polite to them. Granolah believes they are resentful of having arrived on their world before the Cerealians. Monaito says they shouldn’t feel terrible because he is happy with his current lifestyle.


Monaito informs Granolah that the second Cerealian Dragon Ball has been missing for the past forty years. He states that the Dragon Balls were developed as a rite to honor valiant Namekian warriors, rather than to satisfy selfish desires. Monaito informs Granolah that the Namekian tribe on Cereal is nearly extinct, and that he will perish with the Dragon Balls.


Granolah urges him to search and locate the other Dragon Ball so that they can wish for Cereal to be restored to its former glory. Monaito wonders what would happen to the Sugarians who are now living on Cereal. According to Granolah, they must defeat Frieza and his army. Monaito refuses to assist Granolah in his vengeance, claiming that it would just create more enemies.


Granolah grudgingly complies with Monaito’s desires. Monaito says to him, “Lay down the Dragon Balls and enjoy the hand we’ve been dealt.”


Granolah watches the news that night. A local youngster discovered an odd ball in the mountains, according to a reporter. Granolah recognizes the orb as the Two-Star Cerealian Dragon Ball.


Granolah sneaks into the city undetected and snatches the Dragon Ball. He then summons Toronbo, the Eternal Dragon of Cereal. Granolah aspires to be the most powerful warrior in the cosmos. Toronbo honours Granolah’s desire, but warns him that he cannot strengthen Granolah beyond his latent capacity.


Upon hearing that he cannot become the universe’s strongest warrior without losing his life, Granolah becomes upset. He agrees to the condition because he is desperate to exact revenge on Frieza. Toronbo granted Granolah’s desire, but cautions him that he will only live for three years.


Granolah is ecstatic with his newfound abilities. He raises a boulder into the air and, with a clench of his fist, detonates it, frightening Oatmeel. The shockwave awakens Monaito, who is apprehensive about Granolah’s newfound strength. He tells Granolah that doing so will only draw other foes out of hiding. On the other hand, Granolah convinces himself that he can deal with any challenge.


Granolah travels to Elec’s headquarters to locate Frieza. Elec remains unfazed upon meeting Granolah, but he tells him that he is not on Frieza’s level. Granolah becomes enraged and proclaims himself to be the strongest in the universe. Elec instructs Oil to shoot Granolah, but Granolah simply pushes him off. Then, Granolah handily overcomes Macki. Elec intervenes in the brawl before Granolah can fight Gas.


Granolah refuses to disclose his newfound power to Elec, but Elec persists. Granolah finally confesses his usage of the Cerealian Dragon Balls as well as his life-threatening ailment. Elec stuns, but he informs Granolah that they do not know where Frieza is. Granolah returns to Cereal after leaving the Heeters.


After a few weeks, Macki contacts Granolah to inform him that Frieza’s whereabouts has been discovered. She also informs him that two of Frieza’s assassins have arrived in Cereal. Granolah is overjoyed because he can finally exact revenge on Frieza.


Granolah hides in the wilderness and awaits the arrival of the Saiyans. When they do, he unleashes his newfound strength on them. Granolah’s power astounds Goku and Vegeta. Even with Ultra Instinct and Super Saiyan, Goku and Vegeta are no match for Granolah. Granolah shoots Goku in the neck and knocks him out. Vegeta uses a Senzu Bean to resurrect Goku, but Granolah is still too powerful. Granolah is quicker than Goku when he turns into a Super Saiyan. Granolah’s mobility technique, according to Goku, is even quicker than Instant Transmission. Granolah claims it is merely one of many unnamed skills he has acquired as a consequence of his desire to become Universe 7’s strongest fighter.


Granolah, the last Cerealarian, confronts Goku and Vegeta. He informs them that he knows everything there is to know about the Saiyans and plans to destroy them. Vegeta inquires whether Granolah harbours a grudge towards the Saiyans, but Granolah refuses to elaborate. Instead, he uses a secret technique that destroys the earth to assault Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta compares Granolah’s method to Hakai, a tactic employed by Beerus, the God of Destruction. Vegeta then offers to let Goku figure fight Granolah first, aiming to outmatch Goku in battle. Goku confronts Granolah on the ground and declares that they will fight first, but Granolah taunts the Saiyans and informs Goku that confronting him alone was a mistake.


Granolah inquires whether to if Goku and Vegeta will transform into their Great Ape forms. Goku declares that they can no longer employ that transformation and transforms into the Super Saiyan God. He also employs Ultra Instinct, but Granolah cripples him with a pressure point strike. Granolah deduces the nature of Ultra Instinct and claims to be able to identify Goku’s weak areas. He feels Goku’s hesitation and declares that he will murder him before questioning Vegeta. Goku asserts that they were informed that Granolah was the evil person, but Granolah remains unconvinced. He gains tremendous power and declares himself superior to the Saiyans. They battle once again as Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue.


Goku and Granolah fight. Goku employs Perfected Ultra Instinct, but Granolah reveals that he has been suppressing his strength. He defeats him, and Vegeta joins the battle. Vegeta is also defeated, but he taunts Granolah, which angers the Cerealian and intensifies the struggle.


Goku wakes up to see Vegeta and Granolah fighting in the sky. Granolah accidentally destroys part of a town, and Vegeta taunts him. Granolah attacks Vegeta, but Vegeta is able to counter his attacks. Vegeta taunts Granolah again, and Granolah pierces Vegeta’s stomach with a Vital Point Attack. The Vegeta bleeds profusely and reverts to his base form, but he smiles and says he is enjoying the battle. Vegeta powers up, and Granolah fires blasts at him, but they disintegrate. The Vegeta undergoes a transformation into a new form, leaving Granolah shocked. Vegeta says that a God of Destruction taught him that “power derived by instinct is unbounded.


Vegeta’s newfound strength overwhelms Granolah. Vegeta pummels Granolah, who is perplexed by the sudden shift in power exhibited by Vegeta. Granolah inquires about God of Destruction, to which Vegeta responds. Vegeta claims to have learned the method, but the power and transformation are entirely his own. According to Vegeta, the combat triggered the metamorphosis. Granolah launches energy beams towards Vegeta, but they dissolve. Dragon Ball Super Granolah creates an energy shield, which Vegeta shatters and kicks away.


Granolah and Vegeta are still fighting. Dragon Ball Super Granolah is adamant that Vegeta is not stronger than Frieza, who devastated Planet Cereal and slaughtered his people. Granolah is still desperate to exact revenge when Vegeta reveals the truth about Frieza. He attacks Vegeta with all of his power, but Vegeta holds his own. The two engage in a violent struggle, trading strikes and energy assaults. Vegeta is ultimately able to deliver a heavy punch on Granolah, knocking him back. Granolah is exhausted, but he refuses to surrender. He sets up a strong energy assault, but Vegeta destroys it with his own. The force of the explosion knocks both warriors to the ground. Granolah has been severely hurt, yet he is still alive. He thanks Vegeta for helping him to unlock his full power.


From afar, the Heeters hope that Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah will murder one other. They disclose that they have a Dragon Radar and intend to locate the Cerealian Dragon Balls.


Granolah knocks Vegeta out of Ultra Ego and prepares to murder him. Goku steps in and knocks Granolah out of the way. Vegeta punches Goku away, preferring to battle Granolah alone. Granolah notices Goku’s ability to adjust and escape his punches. Vegeta summons his Ultra Ego form and takes the fight to the city. Granolah asks Vegeta to relocate it, but Vegeta refuses. He uses a Kiai strike to drive Vegeta out of the city. Granolah, nearing his limit, prepares to hurl a full-power energy blast that might kill both Vegeta and himself. Monaito appears on a spacecraft and interrupts Granolah’s conversation. Goku’s fist stops Granolah in his tracks. Monaito says he lied about the Saiyans, claiming one saved him and their species from annihilation.


Granolah is surprised when he learns that a Saiyan saved the Cerealians. According to Monaito, Goku shows a strong resemblance to Goku’s father, Bardock. Vegeta shocks everyone in the room when he discloses this to Goku. Granolah, in his rage, demands to know why his mother did not survive.


Granolah learns about the Cerealian holocaust from Monaito. He claims that the Saiyans invaded and murdered everyone save Granolah and his mother. Someone’s act of sparing them astonishes Granolah when he discovers it.


Granolah is furious after learning that Elec murdered his mother. He confronts Monaito over not informing him sooner, but Monaito claims he did it to protect him. Goku intervenes to prevent Granolah from injuring Monaito, and Vegeta inquires whether Bardock triumphed over Gas. Monaito describes Gas as forceful, but before he can finish, the sky darkens. Granolah and the others detect a great strength as it turns back, which Granolah recognises as Gas’. The Heeters arrive and disclose that they tricked Granolah, while also revealing Gas, who has been transformed by the dragon balls. Gas easily overcomes Granolah and Goku, and he admits that he spared Granolah because his brother recognised his potential. The Gas defeats Granolah and leaves him for dead.


Gas overpowers Monaito when he tries to cure Goku. Vegeta awakens Granolah and hands him a Senzu Bean. He first refuses to eat it, but Vegeta persuades him that he must consume it if he is to fight Gas. Granolah appears from nowhere and saves Monaito from Oil and Macki. He then charges up and uses his twin Evolved Eyes to beat Gas.


Gas uses his shields and weapons to keep Granolah at bay, but Granolah is able to counter all of his attacks. The Gas is eventually forced to use his full power, but he is still defeated by Granolah.”


Gas demonstrates his ability to employ Granolah’s skills, including Destruction. Granolah remains undeterred, taunting Gas, who ultimately blocks one of Granolah’s attacks. Granolah then generates clones to overwhelm Gas, but they all fail. The real Granolah then unleashes a deadly strike on Gas, sending him flying into a lake. Granolah’s clones harm him, making him drop to his knees.


They have beaten and defeated the gas. Elec arrives and confronts him, infuriating Granolah. Elec removes Gas’ helmet, allowing his impulses to run wild and converting him into a fierce berserker. Taken aback, Monaito informs Granolah and the Saiyans that he has already encountered Gas in this form. Gas utilised this form to overcome Bardock, but at the expense of losing control of himself, he explains. Granolah is relentlessly pummeled by Gas, leaving him stunned and unable to defend himself against his much larger and stronger opponent.


Elec guides Gas, and Gas handily defeats Granolah. He breaks Granolah’s limbs and blows his eyeballs out, rendering him immobile. Elec then shoots Granolah in the back, killing him.


On the other hand, Monaito cures Granolah, and he joins Goku and Vegeta in fighting Gas. Granolah defeats Gas with a strong assault, but he sustains damage in the process.

Frieza appears and kills Gas and Elec just as it appears that the battle is done. Whis appears and cures Monaito, much to the horror of Goku and Vegeta. He then abducts Goku and Vegeta, leaving Granolah to rebuild his world.


Granolah wishes for the annihilation of the Heeters and the restoration of Cereal using the Dragon Balls. He then resolves to utilise his newly discovered strength to protect his people and the world.


Abilities Dragon Ball Super Granolah Abilities

Evolved Right Eye

Granolah, a Cerealian, has a unique right eye that enhances his vision and awareness. This makes him an exceptional sniper, and his talent in this area has been noticed as being a cut above all others of his calibre.


Granolah’s perception became greater after striving to become the strongest fighter in the Universe. He can now use his eye to watch blood flow, muscle movements, and even the motions of his opponent’s cells. This enables him to identify his opponent’s weak places and hit them efficiently. He can also tell when an opponent is suppressing their power.

Granolah’s Evolved Right Eye, however, is not without restrictions. It cannot, for example, detect key points of peak efficiency in Perfected Ultra Instinct users. Granolah also temporarily lost this skill after Gas destroyed both of his eyes. Even after being restored by Monaito, his improved eyesight remained weak, necessitating Oatmeel’s aid in aiming.


Overall, Granolah’s Evolved Right Eye is a strong skill that offers him an advantage in battle. However, it has limitations, and Granolah must be cautious not to rely too heavily on it.

The Vital Point Attack

Granolah’s right eye provides him with exceptional vision, helping him to spot key locations on his opponents with precision accuracy. He may then utilise this knowledge to launch deadly strikes that can paralyse or even kill his opponents.


Advancing Left Eye


After straining himself to the edge, Granolah discovered a new power in his left eye. This ability significantly improves the precision and strength of his assaults, making him much more deadly than before.

Ki Blast

Granolah’s most basic energy attack is Ki Blast. He fires it by aiming it with his index and middle fingers.

Granolah shoots a tiny ray of electricity from his fingertips. It is extremely accurate and can be shot from numerous fingers at the same time.

Granolah unleashes a barrage of finger rays in rapid succession. He can now shoot them with both hands at the same time.

Granolah uses an alteration-type ki manipulation technique, creating a line of ki between his fingertips and firing a massive ki blast from his outstretched arm.

Granolah charges a gigantic ball of energy from his outstretched hands in a self-sacrificing strike. This is his most potent assault, which he utilised to beat Gas. It can also be used to commit suicide.

Granolah unleashes energy blasts from all of his fingertips in Scatter Finger Beam.


Granolah packs up a lot of strength into his finger beam technique and then unleashes it on his opponent.

Full Power Energy Wave

Granolah unleashes a tremendous energy wave.

Dragon Ball super Granolah has the ability to fly utilising ki.

Granolah has the ability to influence items and people with his thoughts.


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Granolah’s powers are all boosted by his desire to become the universe’s strongest warrior. He can attack adversaries from a distance with his Full Power Energy Wave, and he can travel rapidly and effortlessly with his Flight. His Telekinesis lets him to manipulate items and people, and he may utilise this skill to launch devastating strikes.


Granolah acquires the capacity to destroy things to dust or produce explosions after yearning to be the strongest warrior in the cosmos. This method is quite similar to Hakai’s, as Vegeta noticed when they first met him. Macki likens it to magic.

Ki Sense

The ability to perceive the energy of other creatures is called Ki perception. It is a prevalent skill in the Dragon Ball world, and many characters, including Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan, employ it.


Granolah developed Ki Sense after aspired to be the strongest fighter in the Universe. He utilised this capacity to detect the absence of Frieza on any surrounding planets.

Spirit Control

Granolah acquires the power to teleport after yearning to become the Universe’s strongest fighter. His ability to teleport is akin to Instant Transmission, although it is speedier.

Granolah can produce clones of himself and divide his strength among them. He can generate numerous clones at the same time, although doing so divides his power even more. When the clones die, they return any damage they absorb to Granolah.



Granolah may use this talent to battle numerous opponents at the same time, or to augment his own power by spreading it among multiple clones. It also enables him to take on more powerful opponents because his clones virtually transfer any damage they receive to him.


Granolah’s cloning ability is a potent weapon that offers him a huge advantage in combat. He acquired it as one of many powers as a result of his desire to become the best fighter in the universe.


Granolah was a young Cerealian who lived on a planet that the Saiyans had devastated. He vowed vengeance, and after years of training, he became the strongest mortal in the cosmos. Granolah developed the capacity to execute magical feats as a result of his newfound power.


He utilised his power to destroy the Saiyans who had destroyed his world, as well as to keep his people safe. Granolah became a hero among the Cerealians when he utilised his abilities to promote peace to his world.


Pure Progress

Granolah’s combat experience enables him to gain strength. As he confronts increasingly formidable opponents, his movements become more precise and his strength grows. This is comparable to how Saiyans gain strength via combat.


Granolah’s combat experience stems from his lengthy and harsh existence. He has been struggling for survival since he was a toddler, and he has overcome several obstacles. This experience has made him a good combatant with a thorough comprehension of the conflict.


Dragon Ball Super Character Granolah

Dragon Ball Super Granolah


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