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Moro devastated the Iragi Star System 10 million years ago, causing mass extinction on 320 planets. Dragon Ball Super Moro utilized his power to assault the Supreme Kais with comets during his struggle with the Grand Supreme Kai and the South Supreme Kai. Moro absorbs life energy from a nearby planet and condenses it into a ball, which he consumes, increasing his power to expand even more. Finally, the Grand Supreme Kai exhausts all of his god powers and successfully locks away Moro’s magic, after which he is imprisoned by the Galactic Police. He is condemned to death, but no one has the strength to take his life, so he is imprisoned for the next 10 million years. Dragon Ball Super fans love  Dragon Ball Moro Figure.


Moro’s magic power seal breaks, allowing him to escape from the Galactic Patrol’s prison. He meets Goku and Vegeta on New Namek after fleeing with Cranberry, a former soldier of Frieza. Moro reveals his regained magic and attempts to kill a Namekian. Vegeta saves the Namekian and fights Moro, but Moro reveals his true form and defeats Vegeta. Moro kills a Namekian warrior and prepares to fight Goku and Vegeta again but is interrupted by Merus. Moro fights Merus and is temporarily trapped but breaks free when he senses the Grand Supreme Kai in Majin Buu. However, Buu proves to be stronger and pins Moro down.


Cranberry collects the Namekian Dragon Balls and restores Moro’s full magic power. dragon ball super season 2 Moro kills Cranberry and steals the third wish. Goku and Vegeta confront Moro, who reveals his final wish was to set all prisoners in the Galactic Prison free. The prisoners, led by Saganbo, head to New Namek to assist Moro. Moro absorbs energy from Goku, Vegeta, and the planet. Goku and others escape before New Namek is destroyed. Moro devours the energy of other planets and heads to Earth.


Moro receives a distress signal from the Macareni Siblings. He plans to consume them but discovers Earth’s powerful warriors. Moro retreats and vows to consume Goku and Vegeta along with Earth. Vegeta returns and battles Moro, using Forced Spirit Fission to weaken him. Moro reveals his magic and copies Vegeta’s abilities, defeating him. Gohan and Piccolo attack Moro, but he easily overpowers them. Merus intervenes, and Moro kills him. Goku enters Ultra Instinct Sign and battles Moro, who powers up and gains the upper hand. Vegeta returns with a new form and fights Moro.


Vegeta reveals Forced Spirit Fission again, weakening Moro. Moro kills Shimorekka and absorbs Seven-Three, assuming a new form. He defeats Vegeta and fights Gohan and Piccolo. Moro dominates the battle until Goku joins and fights him. Merus intervenes again and weakens Moro’s copy ability. Goku enters perfected Ultra Instinct and overwhelms Moro. Moro begs for his life but attacks Goku, only to break his arm. Goku offers to spare Moro if he promises to return to prison, but Moro betrays him. Goku defeats Moro and forces him to eat a Senzu Bean.


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Dragon ball Super Season 2 character Moro


Moro is a huge humanoid goat with horns on both sides of his head that point forward. He is slouching and has significant creases on his skinny physique. His nails are long and black, and he has tufts of hair on his shoulders. He also wears long crimson robes with hoods, black baggy trousers, a fur pelt wrapped around his waist and white bandages around his wrists and ankles. Moro grew significantly younger-looking after absorbing all of Goku and Vegeta’s energy, with good posture and minimal wrinkles. He also gained muscle and his beard shrank significantly to a more manageable length. Moro’s beard shrank even further after absorbing practically all of Namek’s energy. Moro’s beard virtually vanished after absorbing the final bit of life force on New Namek, and he regained a highly young and well-muscled look.




dragon ball super season 2 Moro Appearance

Dragon ball super Moro is ruthless, selfish, and murderous since he generally has no regard for life. Rather, he considers all living things food for his enjoyment and mocks anyone who tries to stop him. Moro lacks empathy since he just worries about himself. This includes those he kills, whom he considers as “nothing more than food.”


He is also highly deceptive and manipulative, as he employed Cranberry to help replenish his power and then quickly destroyed him once he outlived his purpose, as well as feigned weakness until he could take enough of Vegeta’s energy to beat him.


Moro generally speaks in a calm, collected tone, but in the presence of the Grand Supreme Kai, his calm demeanor gives way to intense wrath, since the former has held a massive hatred towards the latter for eons.Moro has strong authority over his army and dislikes it when his subordinates behave independently. When the Macareni Siblings visit Earth without alerting Moro, Moro sends a reconnaissance group to examine the planet and orders Shimorekka to murder the siblings, arguing that traitors acting on their own are expendable.


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Moro has also demonstrated that he has no regard for his own troops, as he purposely pumped more energy into Saganbo, while knowing the harm it was causing to his body, resulting in his death. When Goku questioned him about it, Moro said, “I consider Saganbo a soldier, from whom I can gather more,” much to Goku’s chagrin. Moro subsequently demonstrated this mentality again by murdering Shimorekka before swallowing SevenThree to restore control, showing that he viewed SevenThree as nothing more than a backup plan. Despite once criticizing Vegeta for it (unaware that it was a ploy), Moro is not beyond pleading for his life when surrounded by a greater adversary.


Notably, Moro demonstrates a true dread of death as he believes that by eating all kinds of life created by the gods since time immemorial, he is destined to live forever. Consequently, if the possibility of his death in battle becomes real, he becomes erratic and fierce when pressed. However, if the evil warlock realizes he has no chance of victory, he cowers to the point of retreating and even resorts to fake clemency to avoid being killed, potentially tricking others into letting him regain his strength. Moro is incredibly manipulative and crafty, as seen by his ability to persuade Goku to give him a Senzu bean to cure and duplicate him.


Dragon Ball Super Moro

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