Goku Sketch Double Blankets Black and White DBZ


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DBZ Blanket Specification:

Goku Sketch Double Blankets Specification are as follows

Material: 100% Polyester

Style: Plush Blanket

Size: One-layer 150x200cm | Two-layer 100x140cm | Two-layer 130x150cm | One-layer 100x140cm | One Layer 130x150cm | Two-layer 150x200cm | One-layer 70x100cm | Two-layer 70x100cm | One-layer 90x120cm | One-layer 180x220cm


Product Details:

The Goku Double Blanket is one of the best drawing blankets you can use for your sketching or drawing. The Goku Blanket has been designed in such a way that it is comfortable to use for a longer period of time. The material is soft and cushioned, keeping you comfortable as you do your drawing. The blanket is large enough that it can cover the legs, arms, and even the torso. It's the perfect size for drawing your favorite character in a seated position. The blanket is large enough to cover the torso, arms, and legs while sitting cross-legged on the floor. It is big enough to cover several people as they watch a movie together. The dragon ball Blanket is an essential item for any Dragon Ball Z fan.


The Goku Sketch Double Blankets Black and White DBZ is a very unique and personalized item. These are 100% cotton blankets  with a cloth-like soft feel. They are double-sided, with the same image on both sides. Each blanket is a special piece and varies in design. The blankets are made of soft, warm material and have a fleece inner layer. This is the first set of double-sided blankets featuring your favorite character's whole body! The design is on both sides of the blanket. Anybody who loves Dragon Ball Z would love to have this item. It would make a great gift for friends and family. Visit our store for more related products.



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Goku Sketch Double Blankets Black and White DBZ